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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's the carb count on Mudbugs?

Who doesn't love a good Easter feast?  Well this diabetic loves a good Easter feast and one of my wife's old friends invited us over for a good old crawfish boil.  If you have never enjoyed the greatness of crawfish or a crawfish boil then you need to experience it at least once in your lifetime.  What happens is you order crawfish from a fish market about a week ahead of time.  The fish market gets the crawfish fresh from the farm or the fisherman.  Then you pick them up and they are mostly alive with all their claws sticking out of the bag trying to get ahold of your tender flesh.  Then you get a big pot, some crawfish seasoning, put in some sides and you have a crawfish good of a time.
The great part of a crawfish boil and diabetes is there are few to no carbs in these guys.  Then you have to work a little bit and that usually burns off whatever carbs are in the tails.   Usually people put the sides into the boil with the crawfish to season them as well.  We had some awesome surprises in this boil.  The first surprise were the mushrooms.  I love a mushroom but have never had one in my crawfish boil, and they tasted like what it would be like to not have diabetes for one minute.  Then they had whole onions in the boil.  The onions reduced down to a nice sauteed texture with the bite of seasoning.  The final surprise were the sausage pieces in the mix.  Sausage is great no matter how you like it but with a Cajun kick they just complimented the crawfish perfectly.  They also had garlic cloves and potato's in the mix.  I of course had some of those as well.  The only thing I was not completely excited over were the garlic cloves.  They were just a hair over the top for me.  In the end I counted the carbs for the potato's and a few for the sausage but in the end I ate like a king and my BG's flat lined at around 125 the entire time.  How awesome is that?  I can't wait till someone else invites me to another crawfish boil.  Oh and yes you do just walk up to the table and grab and eat.  you use a plate but it is just for your shells.


  1. well that sounds interesting. i'm just getting used to lobster, but i think i would like to try these one day!

  2. Alot of yammering not much information