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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SOG Micron product review

 I have been looking for what is known in the knife community as a EDC (every day carry).  Everyone has their own needs and wants in a EDC.  The other day I was surfing the inter-web and was looking for some carabiners for our upcoming part 2 of our three part series of getting our climbing and rappelling certification.

 So I see this SOG knife called the "Micron" and it looks like a great candidate to be my EDC.  Some of my requirements are: it must be all metal, very slim, feel good in my hand, and be of high quality.  Well this SOG Micron looked to fill all of my requirements so I ordered away. 

 When the knife arrived I noticed one thing that I did not check for, and that was how big the knife was.  This was a 14 dollar knife made by one of the best companies around so to get it and realize this is more of a key chain knife than a EDC I was a little disappointed (note to self, make sure to check out the size of the knife).  Now I of course was still going to carry this knife and give it a try.  In the end this is a solid knife even for its size.  It really is of high quality and even in my dress pants I can't even tell it is in my pocket.  The blade is a Tonto so it looks cool even if it is the length of my pinkie finger and the matte black and "SOG" etched into the sides is cool.  Over all I give the SOG Micron 4 syringes out of 5 syringes for its high quality, slim sides, and cool look.  I do think it should come with the key chain setup if that is what they meant for the knife.  It is so thin I think you could easily put it in your wallet and not even feel it in it.  I think this is a perfect knife to keep in your diabetes gear purse with your backup lancets.  This also is a great knife for the ash tray of your car or purse.  I think the ladies would be wise to carry a solid knife like this with them or if a guy like myself wears slacks and doesn't like things bulging out of their pockets.  Just remember it is still to small and kind of awkward to be a real EDC.  I might order the Micron 2 just to see if it is the right size as an EDC knife.

To make things fun and try to raise some more money for our "Team Testing Limits" I wanted to do a giveaway for one of these SOG Micron knives.  I ordered two of them and only used one.  The other one was for my son but he did not want it at all.  So for the next 20 people that make a donation of any size (I would like it to be at lest 5 bucks, but any amount will work) to Team Testing Limits.  I will have a drawing once the 20th person makes a donation and give one of these 14 dollar SOG Micron knives away just to say thank you.  Below is the link:

I already have two people that have contributed so they are numbers one and two so that leaves 18 chances left to win the knife and remember if you make a 100 dollar donation I will send you a CRKT Eat N tool, and if you make a 250 dollar donation you will get the CRKT Eat N Tool and a Maglite 2AA LED red flashlight.

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