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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Backpacking food from your pantry

 My friend Paul sent me some pictures from one of our recent backpacking trips and he had the above picture of our food for the weekend.  I really liked this picture because lots of people (including me at times) think that backpacking food has to be something you buy from REI, RichMoor, or Mountain House.  Those are nice and easy ways to have fast freeze dried food but, take a look in your pantry or ask a friend that is handy in the kitchen  to get creative and you can have your meals from what you already have in the house.

Notice the Ramon noodles, we made the noodles without the "sauce" and my friend Gary brought us some home made pesto to mix in it with a tuna packet as well.  Lunch was a bagel, sliced meet (peperoni and salami) that was stable at room temp, and room temp safe cheese.  We also took oranges and trail mix as snacks for the hike and our Sunday breakfast was plain oatmeal, three mini-moos, two honey packets, and dried fruit.

I think even when doing what is known as "trunk camping" which is where you are walking distance from your car to not go over board with the food.  Sometimes chicken and rice is good or a vegetable stir fry.  With diabetes it can be hard when the meal planner buys only BBQ, smoked pork butts, or breakfast burritos all the time.  I really have to count the carbs twice and deduct a little of insulin just to be safe for these weekends.  Now, I am not saying I don't enjoy that stuff, it is just good sometimes to have a lighter meal.
So everyone knows first that I am a fool, and yes I love to pose for any picture.  Well Paul pulled out his camera and I did what I do and then you wind up with the goofy picture above.  That is my patented Diabetic Camper pointing with authority pose.  I like to think of it as I am showing where to go by propping my leg on a stump, putting my hand on my hip, arching my back, puffing my chest out, and pointing the way with a wise stern look on my face.  Then it usually turns out like this where I realize I dress like a weirdo and do stupid things but, hey with diabetes can't we get away with doing dumb stuff?  Maybe I was a little low, who knows?


  1. You, my friend, are one funny guy!
    and to add to the point of this post, I don't buy the prepackaged freeze dried expensive foods anymore... that's a rookie move ;) not to mention the most gas inducing camp food you can find,, ugh.
    I pre measure it all out with the lovely aid of ziplock baggies. Oh and the dehydrator is a backpackers best friend.

    I love reading your blog, you quirky d-friend.

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