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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maxpedition gear review

 I had an Epiphany about my recent post about needing a pouch of some sort to Carry my BG meter.  Now my test kit is not large at all but you do need t carry strips, lancets, and a finger poker.  The idea of combining my cell phone and my BG meter in one bag.  There has to be a MOLLE bag that is for a smart phone and also shot gun shells or something like that.  Just a small pouch to carry these few items in.  Not a full on medical bag with pockets everywhere, just simple and durable. 
 While surfing the web I came across this bag you see in the pictures.  On the web the dimensions and everything was exactly what I needed.  It even had both MOLLE attachments and normal human being belt loops that I was looking for.  There is a main pouch and a small pouch on the front, just what I was looking for.
 So the day the bag arrives and I open up the box, instantly the realization comes over me that this bag is nice in every way it is just larger than what I was looking for.  This is more of a bat belt small jumbo pouch made for packing stuff, instead of a slim smart phone sized pack.  The quality was real nice and the design is exactly what I am looking for, I just knew it is not the pack I want or need.

I would say this is a nice medical style bag if you want to carry your snacks, BG meter, insulin, pocket knife, compass, and other small items.  In the end I would say a solid 3 syringes out of 5 syringes on my patented diabetes camping scale.  They just need to make bags with a purpose not for fluff and stuff.
 The moment I open the pack and my son sees this MOLLE gear pouch he is excited beyond belief.  He really loves anything military or military looking, especially if it is MOLLE compatible.  His school backpack is a military tan day pack that is MOLLE all over it and the back.
 In the end I tell my boy he can have the bag and be happy.  Then I see what he did to the thing and I realize I have alot more learning to give that boy.  You can see in these pictures his Osprey backpack with his military shorty pad and look what he sticks on the side of it, the bag I gave him.  Now, you all are saying to me what is wrong with this and why does it disappoint me?  Well the name of the game when backpacking is keep it simple and light.  Him strapping this extra bag on the outside is what we refer to as "dead weight" meaning it does nothing but slow you down.  Kind of like putting rocks in your pack.  The reason this is "dead weight" is because his backpack is the right size for him and his gear.  When you go adding "stuff" to the outside it causes you to pack extra nonsense and it gives the hiker a larger profile if you have to do any off trail hiking.  I know this is small but it is like crack,  you start small then wind up with what I call a "hobo pack" where you have a cup tied to the outside, a pot tied to the outside, maybe some rope and random gear tied to the pack.  Keep your gear in the pack or on yourself.  Now if he turns this pouch into a belt  pouch that holds trail mix, compass, map, flashlight, personal first aid kit, and pocket knife then the pouch is use full.  Just the function does not work strapped to his pack.  If this was his day pack and it had similar items in it then that makes it use full as well since a day pack is much smaller and sometimes needs more space for your activity. 

Just always remember redundancy is needed in rock climbing and rappelling not backpacking and hiking.  If you carry two of something one is dead weight.  Or strapping onto your backpack may look cool but is not functional.  Use the KISS method of "Keep It Simple Stupid."
An update on yesterdays post, check out the mother "Killer" pigeon back in her spot.  I thought for sure I scared her off for good.  When she flew away this morning as the door opened I noticed two eggs.  What is this lady doing or thinking?  How am I going to raise two baby pigeons in this economy and with diabetes?


  1. The unfortunate part about buying online eh? I've done that a few times, SIZE MATTERS! lol

    I laughed pretty hard yesterday at the way you wrote about the pigeon and now I laughed even more about raising baby pigeons in this economy and with diabetes. Quite the sense of humour mister.

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