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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sowing the seeds of life

 Finally I have planted my garden for this year.  I am a lot late but in Texas we have a long season so better late than never.  Now, I am probably one of the laziest gardeners on the planet.  You can tell first by my garden boxes so I don't have to bend over.  Then I have my backyard sprinkler system hard wired into my garden boxes so I don't have to do any manual watering.  Last I stick to the basics of tomatoes, peppers, and grapes.
 Here you can see one of my four tomato plants.  This year I did do different types from a beefeater to heirloom purple variety.  I am not sure you can make out the green tomato lattice in the background but that used to be a patio cover that the top burned off in a tragic outdoor grill fire.  The only thing left was the frame so we turned it into decorative tomato lattice.
 Grapes are one of the most easy and fun things to grow in your backyard.  First you have to be patient because they take a good two to three seasons before you get a solid harvest but, once they take hold you just cut it back in the winter and trim it in the summer so that it doesn't get too large.  Grapevines need to stay a certain size to make a good grape and they have to be cut back because they only grow grapes on new growth.  The great part about growing grapes in your backyard is you instantly are considered high society because you have a vineyard in your backyard.  How neat is that? 
 One of my Achilles heel issues is growing onions.  My aunt and uncle in  Smithville, TX grow onions the size of your fist and they are so big they look like they are trying to pop out of the ground.  When I do onions, the look like those shallots just small and skinny.  The same thing goes for carrots.  I can't grow a carrot for the life of me.  This year I planted the onions in all sand to try and keep the soil well drained.
This year I did try potatoes but I might not be doing so well with them.  This morning while inspecting the garden I noticed the latch on the gate undone and when I looked at the potato box one of the dogs had decided to do a little digging.  We also have lots of herbs thought the yard that just go crazy.  I have some sort of lemon herb thing that has spread all over my back yard and when I mow it smells like lemony basil.

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