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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Palate Bench Part 2

 I wanted to give an update on our bench we made out of an old palate a few months ago.  First though, take a look at Pete the chicken.  I took this picture of her this morning as she was looking for some water to drink.  That boy of mine is going to have to check on her more often. She is so cute, I hope she makes eggs pretty soon because she will be fried chicken if she doesn't.
 The bench if you remember was an old palate that we cut the ends off and turned one side up to make a back rest and the other side was used for other projects.  My wife put it under our Drummond red maple tree and yes you are seeing it clearly folks, we do have a yard full of green weeds in the middle of the Texas winter.
 In this picture you can see the drummond red maple tree already blooming.  If we get a last minute cold spell this tree is going to freak out.  The bench was painted with some really expensive paint we picked up off the "Oops" shelf at Home Depot.  The original price was 35 dollars for the gallon and we got it for 7 bucks.  I would recommend to any that keeping an eye on that "Oops" shelf every time you are in the store because it is always the expensive paint and if you are open with your colors than it is where to find a deal.  The color here is some sort of grey/white/mauve.
 Here is a picture of the bench up close.  Next time I am going to put a board across the front of the seat to cover the under boards and also a board across the back rest.  I sanded the seat boards down pretty good.  These palates are not just a rough wood, they are absolutely full of splinters and splits.  I did not want any sore behinds so sanding was a must.
Last picture here is of course Pete the chicken again.  She is probably the best pet we have ever had.  She even wants to walk in the house with us.  My son is supposed to be getting a few chickens from his Ag teacher at school that no one bought for their FFA projects.  Someone told us to put a golf ball in her nest and that will get her to start laying but, to this day we only have one golf ball nothing else.


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