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Friday, February 10, 2012

A River runs Through it

 The morning after our "Survival" night.  We woke up and had all kinds of laughs around the fire.  The other adults at base camp came to see how we were doing nice and early.  When they arrived they were very concerned for us and that we had to break camp and get on the road back to base camp as soon as possible.
 What we did not know was that the ranch we were staying on was off of a river that was rising from the Friday rains (this was now Sunday) and if we did not move out we would be stuck on the wrong side of the ranch in a flood.
These pictures are of us crossing the road that is in the middle of a field.  The water was rising so fast that the lakes and ponds on the ranch were dumping their water onto the fields.  We made it out safe but it just goes to show that you never know when you will use your survival skills.  We took our boots and socks off and walked through the high waters with a buddy.  So this survival weekend went from mid 70's temperature to high 40's, wind, rain, and of course the little pig.

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