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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cooking on the Grill

 Last week I mentioned how my son had made a grill for us in his welding class.  This past weekend we took it out to our ranch property in East Texas to give it a try.  Now remember there was just myself, son and my wife so we were not cooking for an army or anything.
 This here is our breakfast of biscuits, sausage, grilled onions and bell peppers with a Western omelet on the side.  This grill is so awesome for how big it is and just its sheer versatility.
 This also was my first time to use my recently purchased Lodge cast iron griddle.  The griddle made some wonderful southwest omelets.  The griddle set me back five bucks from an auction.  Someone took real good care of that griddle.
Have you ever had fresh dutch oven biscuits like this?  We pulled these guys off the fire at the perfect time.  These were just can flaky biscuits but they were just spectacular.  I think breakfast is one of the hardest meals for a diabetic to deal with while in the great outdoors.  You have to figure the activity for the day, the carbs, and just the being in the sun all day.  I know everyone is going "Diabetic Camper you are just a Wuss" but this mixture is just tricky (trust me I am an expert).  So I recommend to all you tightly controlled diabetics to cook the breakfast you plan on eating out camping first at home where you can play around with your basals and the such.  Then when you are camping you will have a starting point with your carb counting and activities basal rates.  Then lunch is probably the easiest meal and dinner is usually OK depending on if you are eating brisket tacos and peach cobbler or a simple chicken and rice meal with a simple pudding.

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