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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nice Glasses

I have found the greatest camping gadget for diabetics that use reading glasses and also camp.  These are the illuminigheter reading glasses.  You can find these at your local eye doctor or wherever you get your glasses from.
These glasses take a reading glasses and add LED lights on each side.  I have had cataract surgery in both eyes so whenever I test my blood sugars my glasses have to be on me.  Now while camping I keep a handheld flashlight as my main source of light.  Then I have a headlamp to use while testing my blood sugars.  Then I bring a tent lantern to help me get changed at night for bed (I really like light OK). 
On campouts I wear those pants with the pockets on the sides so I can keep my glasses on me and also my reading glasses.  Now with these Illuminighters I have both in one.  I keep these readers in my truck when I am not in the woods.  Now at night I can read maps, text messages (I do not text and drive) while parked, and find things in the truck at night.  My wife says I try to be an old man as much as possible and buying these readers probably helps with her argument.  When I showed all my co-workers they pretty much laughed at me.  Now I am not hurt by that because I know that style means nothing in the woods and being able to see and read your meter at night is what matters.  Camping is not a fashion show like how Eddie Bauer or REI might make you think.  It is about functionality and these glasses work on so many levels and they make me look mature like an old man.
The last great part about these glasses is they are USB rechargeable.  So I don't have to keep a stock of medical batteries on me for when the lights go out.  On my patented diabetes camping scale I give the Illuminighters 4 syringes out of 5 syringes.  The reason I gave them four syringes is because the frames are made of a cheap plastic and for 40 dollars you expect some nicer feel.


  1. U do not look like an old man!! Those things are cool!!!! :D I'm all about using multi-functional products!!!

  2. Thank you so much for letting us know this one. I'm looking for a reading glasses that suit to my eyes. Do you have a more kinds of reading glasses? I will choose one of your product soon.

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