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Monday, February 20, 2012

Race Day

I have been pretty bummed about the 15k race that was to support diabetes being canceled.  Then I got sick, my running went down to one day a week, then high blood pressure was crushing my heart rate.  A friend of mine reminded me about a month or so ago that there was this small half marathon race going on locally and hearing that news really got me thinking about doing it.
When it comes to running races I am more into small and local events.  I stay away from the giant fancy events with pretty shirts and all the fast and cool people.  This Saturday was the Stonebridge ranch half marathon.  They were planning on 500 people and that is a size I like.  The picture above is of the vendors that showed up for the event.  Yes you are seeing it right there were only three tents of vendors and one of them is the company that put on the race.
Here is the finish line coming across the lake in  Adriatica, everyones favorite Texas Croatian village.  There was a nice amount of wind and rain this nice morning but the temperature was perfect at about 45 degrees.
Here is everyone waiting before the race waiting under neath a covered parking beside the start line.  I thought this was a little sad for these people who are about to go and run 13.1 miles in the outdoors but they have to wait till about two minutes before the gun goes off to stand in the slight rain.  Now all of these people did finish in front of me but I was the lone diabetic laughing at them under the carport.

One thing I did figure out about this race is that you probably should train for these long distance runs.  When I got to about mile 8 my lungs were cooked and that threw off my heart rate even though my legs felt fine I could not push it through the lungs.  So next time I will do more than just one day a week training.  The blood sugars held up real well and that encouraged me alot.

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