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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes, today is that day of love.  Some say this is some sort of Hallmark made up Holiday and that it just promotes corporate wealth.  Well I think it is good to set one day aside as an official holiday to celebrate love with all sorts of candy, flowers and dinner or in any special way.  When did making money become such a bad thing as well?  Then you do need to celebrate love all the time but, having one day set aside just helps remind us to be good to one another.  What can having one day of love hurt?
Now for us diabetics have a good time with chocolates, extravagant meals, and warm and fuzzy feelings of love is a balancing act.  This plays games with our blood sugar levels.  You get nervous your valentine is not going to like your gift and that makes you low.  You get candy and chocolate from family and friends and that makes you high.  Counting carbs for blow pop suckers is complicated.
 My work had a fun valentines day celebration where we decorated boxes and gave out cards.  With these cards there is always candy attached and let me tell you what, I love the candy.  My blood sugars at 2:00pm was a solid 250something and I was pumping insulin as fast as I could eat those chalky hearts.

Now you might be wondering why my box has "hello kitty" on it.  I saw this box at the store and it reminded me of a few years ago when our family was hosting a foreign exchange student from Belgium for six months.  We had a foreign exchange party to go to and another exchange student needed a ride to the party.  Her host family could not make the party so I volunteered to take her.  So in the car was myself, my son, our foreign exchange student, and this girl from Japan.  She did not speak much English and this was an hour long drive.  We all knew that she was not having the best time in Texas and her exchange family was not much on the social scene outside of their church.  So the three of us put our combined heads together to make the drive and party fun.  We wanted to make a connection with her first so we said anything we knew that Japanese people liked.  Well, every time we said "Hello Kitty" she would laugh, then we played old Madonna songs on the CD player and we all sang along.  She had a good time and it made us feel good that we could bring some fun to her stay in America.  Later she moved to another host family that were fun and friendly to her.  Whenever my son and I see anything "Hello Kitty" we always think of how we must have said that to her a million times on that ride and she laughed every time.  It is kind of our "Hello Kitty" badge of honor.

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