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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bad Buy

 OK, so I am in a Pickle.  I bought this auger to make holes in wood.  Then with my draw knives I planned on making log cabin style furniture.  The issue is this auger bit is not working.  I added the black duct tape to keep the wood handle from giving me splinters in my hand.
 The bit is dull and rusty so I tried sharpening it with a sharpening stone but that just made dust of my stone.  So I moved to using a file on it and that did not get me anywhere either.
 The picture above is how I started working the screw part of the bit.  This part attaches the bit to the wood so the chisel screw parts can cut the whole.
 I really wanted this auger bit ready for this weekend on our annual "survival campout" but, I am better to leave it at the house till I can get someone who knows a bit about these augers (get the pun?) into working order.
I put it in my electrolysis bath and cleaned the rust off of everything.  Then I tried sharpening the bit once again with no luck.  Either I have an expensive wall art or an over sized paper weight.  If you have any help for me please send me a message and hopefully I can get this auger to work like it did years ago.  This was lots of good upper body exercise and a great workout for my diabetes.  The final plans will be to go out and make a bench in the woods with my axe, draw knife, and auger.

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  1. try an angle grinder if you don't have one they are not expencive about $30 for a cheap one. bench grinder would work too.