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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello, can you see me?

 So one of the main parts of survival is to be found.  I know all of you people out there have watched "Swiss family Robinson" and if you got lost on a deserted island that is how you would survive.  Well lets come down to reality and you can only have so many supplies on you before you need to be found.  Being a diabetic there is a limited time that you need to be found.  I keep one spare infusion set for my pump and a bottle of insulin in my travel medical kit.  That means I have to be found in one week or it is going to be six feet under for me.  That is just my medical supplies, I keep a power bar and some light snacks in my pack during the week and about a weeks worth of food in my camping bag.
 I know a neat smoke screen like this is cool and fun.  The only thing is they are expensive and dangerous to keep on your person.  Having one of these in the trunk of your car is a safe place to keep a few.  We do this for the scouts to show them how they look and to wow the boys a little.
So what do you use as a way to contact for help when in a survival situation.  The first thing is always keep a fully charged cell phone on you.  Then a NOAA weather radio with a USB charger (to charge your cell phone) should be in your vehicle.  When you are out of cell range or something has happened where your cell does not work.  A signal mirror is nice, easy to cary piece to have.  The picture above is of my favorite signal mirror because of the little peep hole in the center with the mesh.  What this hole and mesh does is create a like laser beam so you know exactly what you are pointing your signal at.  The only thing is you must practice this first because you have to understand how to find the sun and how to use the mirror.  Once you know how to use the mirror it is really cool with the laser beam the mirror makes.  These mirrors cost around ten dollars and yes you can let your wife use it as a vanity mirror while you are safe.

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