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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is a Nickel a Nickel if it is made of something else?

I am a coin collector since about the year 2000.  Now my collection is not large or has any rare and valuable coins in it but it is my collection.  Well it is mine and my son's collection.  He likes silver bars and gold.
Recently I was checking the price of silver and it amazed me that it was in the 35.00 dollar range.  I then was looking at some WW2 nickels I have that are something like 35% silver.  To my surprise they were valued at 2.00 dollars each.  Now think about that, what I have in my hand above has a face value of .50 cents (ten nickels).  The metal content in each coin is worth 40 times the value.
I bought these coins at a coin show around 2004.  These are part of a bag that has 27 WW2 silver nickels for the price of 4 dollars.  I could do the math but in eight years the value of a simple street nickel has increased something like 8 to 10 times.  What happens here is the US dollar policies have been on a "weak" dollar.  This is where we print money and that increases the price of fixed commodities such as silver.

So in the end if a nickel is made of silver or other materials is it still a nickel?  We will never know or something.  What is that line from Napoleon Dynamite?  Kip says something in the way of: "like anyone can possibly know that."
Off subject, My friend Ken is working with me and my friend.  We are doing this circuit training once a week and also supposed to be documenting our calories we eat.  He wanted me to take a picture of my lunch and send it to him.  What does having a picture of my lunch help me get in shape?  Oh well, so I thought to include it in today's post.  Look at my nice fit and active fettuccine Alfredo with lots of pepper on it with a side of two oranges, sun chips, and a water.

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