Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Great Diabetes News!

OK, so this is not any sort of real life news but sometimes movie news can cheer a diabetic up right?  I for some odd reason love everything zombie, and now I am not a recent zombie lover, I have always loved zombie movies and anything zombie related.  I think it has to do with being an outdoors person and the thought of "what if" that is the exciting part of zombies.  The movie "World War Z" came out last Friday and I knew it wasn't going to be the zombie movie to end all zombie movies but I just wanted to see it.  Right now would be a good time to stop reading my blog if you don't want to know the premise of the movie.  The zombies in this movie were the "super human" kind and I am not a fan of those.  They just don't make the setup real, I am a fan of the slow drugged up looking zombies.  The movie overall I would give like a C+ and would put it under the Will Smith "I am Legend" zombie movie.  What was interesting to this diabetic was how Brad Pitt figured out how to confuse the zombies into not eating him, and that was injecting himself with a disease.  That was the best news I have heard about diabetes in a long time.  So after the zombie apocalypse the diseased will survive.  For the first time ever diabetes is an advantage!  Score one for diabetics!

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