Thursday, June 13, 2013

Can water heal Diabetes?

My editor and chief of blog posts (That would be Jeff the man with 1,100 Linkdin connections) has found this website that has a book that tells you that water can cure diabetes.  The website is: and the author is a doctor as well.  Now of course what do diabetics do with these cures and stuff?  Yes, you are correct we have a comedy routine that we add it to.  Put the water cure along side the aloe Vera, the acai berry, and the antifreeze theory of curing diabetes.  None of this stuff is a cure (remember I am a diabetic camper not a doctor or anything else, nothing posted on this blog is advice and should only be used as interesting things you read on the inter-web)  but this does almost make me want to buy this book just to see what it says.  Is this book just one page and it says:  drink water or does it have more insight like: drink water, then go pee and repeat until you are cured.  Who knows, only if I get the book will I know.  Now don't get me wrong I love water and Dr Mark and his book tells me to drink half my body weight in ounces of water every day so yes, being well hydrated will improve your function of life but still not a cure.  I even found a website that has a home water kit that can give you the kind of water for a cure of your diabetes:  This inter-web page talks about how to replace drinking sugary sodas with a glass of water can help reduce your "highs"  I never thought of doing that before (did you catch my comedy in there?) and they also talk about just replacing any sugary snacks with a glass of water can help as well.  Where have I been for so long to not get this good information?  Lets just remember to be good and drink water, test your numbers, and live a well balanced moderated diabetes life.

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  1. It's so sad to see people who always try to give false hope to others. Diabetes is a condition of the blood and the body’s inability to properly consume glucose. It is not a condition that can just be washed off by drinking water. In my opinion, if that is really true, no one would have to suffer from diabetes right? It is so sad that some people will fool our already sick friends into believing such nonsense and give them false hopes instead of receiving proper treatment.
    Tim Crawford