Monday, June 24, 2013

What can scare me and my diabetes?

 This past Saturday a few of the people I work with were planning on doing a 5k.  The 5k they had in mind was one of those tricked up ones and the name was "Splash and Dash 5k" which meant there was going to be water and that sorts of stuff.  The event claims to be the wettest race in America.  Not sure if they can prove that or anything but who is going to stop them from using the title.  Now this is not any sort of race you ever want to try and "PR" (Personal Record) at because it is more of a change of pace event meant for fun and exercise not speed and skill.  I originally was going to be in Oklahoma participating in the ADA "Tour de Cure" up there but for the past two weeks I have been slightly under the weather and my training has been minimal and I just did not feel I had the legs to do a 100 mile event.  So I ditched the diabetes ride and decided to join my co-workers for this running event.
 When it came closer to the day of the event I suddenly started to feel nervous about this thing.  I have never been scared of a 5k so I was wondering why was I nervous about this one?  In the picture above you see three blue squares titled "splash stations" and I finally figured out what I was  so nervous about and it was these "mystery events" and my diabetes.  We live in a diabetic world where we do everything we can do to prepare for the hour, day, week, and forever but to be at an event that has water and stuff with three mystery events thrown in, I was panicking on what to do with my horrible friend diabetes.  I knew Dexcom was out of the question, and my diabetes low treatment stuff had to be water tight, with having the right clothes and making sure the old BG's were in order this fun event all of a sudden was becoming difficult to prep for.  So I felt like a bit less of "The Diabetic Camper" who is almost not scared of anything, prepared for anything, and was now thinking of not doing it because of the diabetes cryptonight which is "mystery." 
You all know me and my crazy panic attacks at times and Saturday morning came and I got over my fears and was actually excited before the race.  There was this slight nagging feeling of that scene from the movie "UHF" where the kid gets to drink from the fire hose and that made me a bit nervous and also the race day announced "penguin pool" made of four feet deep pool filled with 500 lbs of ice in it.  The good thing was my co-workers all decided we would run as a gang since this was not a timed race and we wanted to just have fun.  Now the picture above is of me wearing a woman's size small t-shirt because we had one co-worker not able to make the race and everyone else said since I was going to take her race bib I had to wear her shirt.  So you know me, I do what I am told and wore the shirt.  I almost look good as a small woman don't I?

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