Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I dislike it when I am weak!

 Not sure why this picture is so blurry but at work we occasionally have random visitors and people from our operations in other towns and places come for meetings and the likes.  When they come we usually have a catered lunch for them and when it is all over they place the remaining food out for the rest of the employees to enjoy.  I have been following my friend Dr. Mark's advice on things to eat and things to avoid and doing quit well if I don't mind beating on my own chest.
 Then as I was leaving work last week I saw this gigantic bag of fresh tortilla chips and I had an extreme weak moment and hat to take a nibble.  OK, so it was more like I crammed as much as I could get in me before I left work.  So I have a thing I learned from along time ago and have forgotten who I heard it from or if I read it but the thing talked about how you should never look at food in a bad way.  You know how people use the words like cheated, or fell off my diet, and the likes so I like to say things like reward and treat which puts food in a good tone (remember I am an accountant and none of this should ever be read or used as advice, these are just things to comptemplate or something) and with diabetes food is such a four letter word.  How many times to people tell us "don't you just like have to not eat sugar and it is all good?"  I want to punch people like that.  That is like me saying to a cancer patient "Don't you just have to do kemo a few times a week and it goes away?" 
So when I feel down about things like this, there are ways for me to overcome them in a positive and good way.  My favorite way to make myself feel better is to go out for a nice run and if I feel fast them I am like: hey those chips can't stop me, and if I am slow I say: they are dragging me down and I need to remember this the next time a giant 55 gallon bag of chips are left laying around the office.  Other ways are like just eating a salad for dinner or using the chips as a reminder that I had already treated myself and that I need to earn more treats.  In the end we all have issues with food and diabetes but the real problem (remember I am an accountant and this is just things to comptemplate and not advice or anything) from my point of view is that we need to decrease the negative process as much as possible and replace it with positive momentum that we can build upon.

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