Thursday, June 20, 2013


 One thing I have learned over my vast amount of camping over the years is to have a few luxury items with you.  Some of these items are safety pins, hackey sack, and a sharpie or two.  I don't know what it is but a sharpie while out in the woods comes in real handy.  The best part is having one when camping with unfamiliar people for the first time, so you can put your name on your cup and mark your underwear and the likes.  Now having a sharpie with you is not essential or emergency gear it is more of just a luxury item that weighs very little and comes in handy at the right times.  Now I even bring along several colors besides a black one for those times that "art" is called for when using a sharpie.
 Some things you can do with a sharpie is color your Lamborghini car.  I saw this on the inter-web and thought it looked pretty cool.  Have not looked any further to see if this is actually done with a sharpie or the picture is just labelled "sharpie Lamborghini."
Then there is fun to be had with a sharpie.  The picture above is what alot of guys do to their buddies when they pass out and the rest of the group is bored.  You sharpie your buddy, usually with words and stuff but these guys went all out and did a tuxedo on their friend.  I love how they made it look like the guy is awake with the eyes kind of drawn on his eye lids.  A true sharpie classic we must all live to appreciate once in our lives.

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