Thursday, June 6, 2013

The best place to live in Diabetesville!

A while back I was driving around and saw the scene above, and you are thinking "why is Dave showing us a picture of a random CVS?"  That is not the whole picture.  So it got me thinking that what is the best place for a diabetes person to live at in this great town of "Diabetesville" that we all live in?  Some people are thinking Paris, or New York City, and all sorts of random beach towns, ski towns and all sorts of in between and you are correct.  Just the one thing that every diabetic loves is when they get "supplies"  that magic moment where you know you have enough "stuff" or "meds" to make it through at least a month or so.  Now lets not go into cost or anything but we need "supplies" to survive. 

Now if you have the ability and I hope you do but zoom in on the picture above and look to the left of the CVS (or to the right if you are in Australia since the picture will be backwards on your screen).  Back in the trees you will notice a house not spitting distance from the CVS.  So yes, these people live in the bast place in Diabetesville.  Their front yard is a CVS!  Not that I would want my front yard turned into a 24 hour condom and lube dispensary (I have mentioned condoms 2 days in a row, that is just wrong or a sign I need new jokes) but think of the benefits of just walking out your front door and in your front yard is your pharmacy?  OK, so lets talk about cost now, You just sold your front yard to CVS so I think you can afford to go and get your diabetes lotions, diabetes cough syrup, and insulin now.  I do feel bad for the people in the house though they live in a place I would kill for.  Across the street from them is a Target and when this house was built thirty years ago it was in the middle of the country, just a small 20 acre or so ranch house on the skirts of Dallas and walking distance to South Fork.  Now they have a six lane divided road across two sides of their property, a Target, CVS in their front yard and all the lights and noise they never wanted.  I hope you understand that the CVS is literally their front yard.

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  1. It is very convenient to have the pharmacy near the house of a diabetic in need. It is best though to stock up on supplies but with just the right quantity that can be used up. These supplies have expiration dates that when not used can be such a waste.