Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My last day

 Monday was my final day of being scoutmaster and it was full of emotions.  We had our quarterly court of honor where we give the boys all their badges, ranks and awards for the past three months.  After the regular ceremony we even had an eagle court of honor.  The last part of business was my final bit and being scoutmaster for four and a half years has been so good for me and the ol diabetes.  One family in the troop that joined about the same time I did with my son was so nice to collect stories from everyone and what I meant to each of them.  It was this awesome 30 page book of things even I forgot about or didn't even know it affected the other person so much but it was extremely humbling to receive.  Then they said some nice things about me and gave me a lithograph picture of Norman Rockwell's "The Scoutmaster."  That was the cherry on top.
As a boy my first scout handbook (and only handbook) was the ninth edition with the most awesome Norman Rockwell picture on it of what in my head was the perfect day out camping.  Boys cooking, adults overseeing and advising, and others playing around.  When the tenth edition of the scout handbook came out it had these pictures of scouts rappelling and camping but it was not this nostalgic rendition of what camp was like.  So to get the awesome picture of "The Scoutmaster" was amazing and I stayed up till12:30am reading all the stories (OK yes I shed a few tears).  I remember as a kid my best friend and I sitting on my couch thumbing through the pages of our scout handbooks, looking at the pictures of snares, fishing nets, camp gadgets and with all the instructions on how to build them.  This was the true dangerous book for boys in my mind and will always be my favorite scout handbook.

 One of the boys mother made me a book bag with my name on it and sewed this 100 aniversary of the eagle rank patch on it.  How do all these people know me so well?  One thing that has always bugged me was using those re-usable grocery bags, because they are all made with girlie looks and colors.  I have two Texas Rangers bags but the rest are flowery and stuff.  Now I can add this to my re-usable grocery tote stockpile and get groceries like a real man with one less girly bag.
Last thing I have to say is these CGM things are awesome, I totally love this sucker just there are a couple of non-related related issues.  The first is just before I was aware I was a diabetic like all the time but, I only knew what my BG's were ten times a day.  Now, I always know my BG's, everyone at work knows my BG's, and it stresses me out with those freakin arrows.  Last is now that I am not just aware of my diabetes all the time, know my BG's all the time, everyone around me knows my BG's and trending it creates this non-eating thing inside of me or if I do want to eat I want to be very pro-active with the insulin just so I don't have to go over another hill on the roller coaster of BG charts, just to watch it fall fast to the sea level marker.  How do the rest of you do this?  I guess after a while I will get used to it, just for right now I am aware of anything that is near me that might even be considered a carb.

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