Monday, September 10, 2012

Fajita mix!

 This has been the summer of salsa for me.  I am currently probably eating two to three gallons of salsa a week.  I used to buy two 32 oz jars a week now I buy more and make trips to the store for extra at weak times.  I think it is just that salsa is so good in the heat and a few weeks ago while stocking up on chips, cheese, and salsa I came across this fajita seasoning mix.  I was curious because we like fajitas and usually just grill up chicken add in some peppers and onions and call it done but a seasoning to make fajitas I had to try.
 First you grill up some meat and we always use chicken because it is cheap, healthy, and easy.  I have one of those George Foreman style paninni sandwich maker things and just do two chicken breasts.
 Then I sauteed some onions in a pan with a table spoon of oil or so.  They cook up till about 3/4 done before adding the meat and seasoning with some water to mix it all up.  I only use onions because it is 1.29 for a three pound bag of white onions and bell peppers are running a buck each.  Originally I started with just one onion but grilled onions are great so now I do like three onions to the two chicken breasts.
 Here everything is all cooked up and let me tell you something, this fajita mix is the bomb.  I don't know what is in it but even my wife is like "This fajita mix is just about as good as any restaurant." Now that I have looked at other stores besides Aldi, I see that most grocery stores carry some sort of fajita mix and if you like fajitas then you must try this stuff.  I have had this for almost every night for two weeks and I need to go back to the store to get more.  This has also been a year for crunchy tacos so this mix goes into a crunchy shell with some refried beans, alot of salsa, and the mix.
A few years ago my wife bought some jalapeno refried beans and I have been hooked ever since.  The only problem I ever come across is occasionally my son wants some refried beans and he does not like jalapenos.

If you are bored with your everyday cooked chicken and boring vegetables than I must recommend getting some of this fajita mix stuff.  I think there must be crack in it or something to make it so good.

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