Monday, September 17, 2012

I am either one or the other?

OK, so you probably can't read the test results above but they are from my recent visit to the Endo and they show that my HGB and HCT thingies are low.  From what my doctor says is that is my iron.  What do you do when you get results back from your doctor and things you are not aware of say "high" or "low," of course we all go on the inter-web and do some research.  I find out that low iron causes two things, lowered energy and increased heart rate.  Then at that moment the ceiling above me opened up and light shined down from above and an orchestra did that dumb, dumb DE dum thing with the kettle bells because this might be another part of my laziness, I mean tired, lack of energy, and increased heart rate while exercising.  The doctor says to just take an over the counter iron supplement and all should be well.  Then I grabbed my truck keys and drove off to my friendly CVS.
I get to CVS and run over to the little coupon machine and it spits me out some horrible makeup coupons and buy one get one free candy coupons (don't they know I am sugar diabetic?) and haul booty to the vitamin area.  The vitamin area is set up in alphabetical order so I scan through the vitamin A's on through the G's and H's then it skips over Iron and on to the rest of the alphabet.  I then go to the next brand and it does the same and so on and so on.  Then I think about it and maybe Iron is not called iron in the vitamin world, maybe it is like GMBH or something so I look at all the vitamins that I don't know what they do and no such luck on Iron.  I break down and ask the pharmacist where the iron is and she lets me know it is in a different section than the rest of the vitamins (they segregate vitamins?).  The nice lady shows me that I can get iron either in some sort of infant pedialite with iron in it or the menopause supplement section.  So this makes me wonder why either infants or older ladies, does this mean I am going through menopause or something, and of course all the iron pills are on the bottom shelf so I have to get on my hands and knees in the menopause section reading the labels about fast acting, long slow release, and settle on your tummy formulas till I decided on just getting the highest dosage I could find.  Now that I have had a few days if iron in me (OK, I am a guy and all guys take about 500% what the bottle says if we can get a faster reaction out of the stuff) and feel like the stuff is doing some good in me.  Saturday I had my first dawn phenom event and we ran 8 miles at a good 10 minute mile pace and I joined a doggy training/yoga class afterwards (I am a leech and kind of just jumped right into the class) which was real fun.  The other wierd thing about this iron supplement is how my blood sugars ride at a nice level now even after polishing off half a pizza sunday.

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