Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sniff, Sniff, looks like surgery

 Sometimes I don't know if I am just a complainer (I blame it on the sugar diabetes) or if I really do have issues (more than just mental issues).  I have told you all about my extreme tiredness since February and I thought for sure the summer would cure it because my allergies usually go away when the heat hits the high 90's but no cure for this diabetic camper.  I saw my endo and she tested my testosterone and I am not lying but she said: "Dave your little testes are working to the max."  I could not stop laughing at that because what she meant was that my testosterone level was at the high end instead of the low end which can contribute to being tired and stuff (so they tell me).  Now we are at the end of summer and the camping season is picking up and I don't have the energy to first exercise at any sort of good pace and second my want to go camping is at a weird low point.  When have I ever not wanted to go camping?  Something has to be wrong.
I finally went to one of those eyes, nose, ears, head and toes, head and toes (wait that is a song not a doctor) I mean ENT doctors and he had me do a kitty cat scan, put me on some antibiotics and steroids.  I was a bit upset with him not telling me what steroids do to a diabetic.  Lets just say you take the pill and in about thirty minutes your meter will tell you things like high, 400, what the freak are you eating, and so on.  I made the basal adjustments and my endo said I was a gold star performer while on the roids.  Then a couple of days ago I get the news at my most recent visit to the ENT doc and he says, no more roid rage for you buddy it is time for a nose job and balloon thingies.  The top picture he said needs the two big circles to not have the grey at the bottom so some sort of balloon thing will be injected into my nose and he will reshape the insides of my scull.  Then the bottom picture he says is my crooked nose that needs bone taken out to allow proper snot flowage or something. 

The office has not called me yet to make the date for surgery but there is one thing I really like about this doctor.  He told me that my wussiness is caused by this and he will be the guy that can fix it with me.  Have you ever had a doctor tell you something like that?  Usually they are like, well umm it could be this or maybe that and lets do a little of this and that.  I don't like doctors that can't hit the ball and this guy gave me a game plan, let me know what I needed to do, what he was going to do (something about a lobotomy?), and tests down the road so I know why I am a wuss.  Now I have hope for the future that I can run a 5k in under 30 minutes again and be a normal sugar diabetic like the rest of you.


  1. BAHA... i'm not laughing but I am laughing. "snot flowage", "kitty cat scan".... Have I told you how much I enjoy your blog lately?
    you're writing about something awful yet you make it funny.
    ALL the best to your balloon lobotomy, I'm sure it will go fine and you'll be back to normal in no time. whatever your normal is but if you are not keen to go camping, something is wrong.
    Hopefully fixing your nose will get you back in your tent.

  2. I can't tell you how happy I was to learn that these scans were of your head and not your "little testes"!!! Whew! So, were you not getting enough oxygen to your brain & that's why you've been tired?? That definitely explains a lot about you, Dave. :) Best of luck with your skull reshaping. May you have the energy of 10 Grinches + 2.