Monday, October 1, 2012

Post surgery and I meet a diabetic bear.

 Last Thursday was my nose job and frontal lobotomy surgery.  Since I am a diabetic the doc wanted me to do one of those EKG thingies and let me tell you this, if I ran a hospital (or at least the one I went to) it would make at least twice as much profit just from cutting extreme amounts of waste.  First, I had to wait an hour just to go to the EKG people and they give you a pager.  I was 20 feet from the counter and one of about 15 people waiting, like they couldn't just say in a loud voice: Dave Hennesey we are ready to see you.  No they had to spend thousands of dollars to give me a pager, waste, then I get to do the EKG and it takes less than 30 seconds.  Oh yea the bracelets above have to be worn for this 30 second EKG thing, more waste.
 Here I am post surgery like six hours or so.  They gave me some pain meds when I got out of surgery and a prescription for that hydrocodine stuff and nausea pills but I had little to no pain.  I haven't had a single pain med since the one at the hospital and not sure why I would need nausea pills.  The only thing that was bothering me was the crap they put in your eyes and my throat was tore up from the breathing tube.  Do you like the gauze pads up the nose?  This is where those feminine napkins would have  been great, I had to change out my plugs every 30 minutes because they were completely soaked with blood.  The nose bleed ended Thursday night and Friday I was feeling pretty diabetes rock star good just blood going down the back of my throat which wasn't that bad.  Friday I was feeling so good I was wishing I was at work because daytime TV stinks.
Saturday I was in a quandary about what to do.  I had three things that I could do just I needed to know how this surgery was going to be.  I first wanted to participate in an orienteering event but figured that was way too much for post surgery, then I could have joined Hustle-N-Heel and participate in the yoga/dog obedience/ circuit training but had my calendar all mixed up and at the same time was the JDRF walk to cure diabetes where I wanted to put out some flyer's for my next "Dawn Phenom" event on October 20th.  I thought the walk was at eight and could make it over to Hustle-N-Heel but silly sugar diabetic me did not realize they were both at 9am.  The JDRF walk was well attended even for the light rain and it was fun to peruse the vendor tents promoting my free diabetes event while learning about new technologies and getting freebies.  While at the walk I saw this diabetic bear and just had to get my picture taken with him.  Looking at this picture makes me realize how much of a dork I am.  Why do I wear loafers with shorts?

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