Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winding down

 Wow how time gets by me and I miss two quality days of posting on my blog.  Sorry to all you out there I just got busy at work and sometimes you have to make the money so you can afford to play on the blog.  Any way I know it is the end of the summer when my insulin pump starts looking like the photo above.  There is a good reason why everything I have is always covered in dirt, dirt just likes me.  I told you all about how I have learned the secret to not sweating your pump site off in 100 degree heat while trying to mow 15 acres with a push mower, and that is the glory of baby powder.  The only thing is that baby powder isn't just good at keeping sweat off your pump site but it also gets everywhere.  Someone needs to come up with a device that is used for cleaning insulin pumps.  Kind of like a multi-tool for diabetes.  My dietitian cleans my pump every time I see her so I also know it is time to make an appointment.
 The other day my son had an orthodontist appointment and we showed up a good 30 minutes early so we hung out in the parking lot and noticed this rabbit harassing the birds.  Kind of seemed funny a rabbit chasing birds and running around in the parking lot like they owned the place.
Three hours after the appointment I found out they took off his braces instead of doing an adjustment.  He was so happy to have those things off.

Last weekend my son and I started to work on his life goal of shooting a deer and that started with me first trying to mow down some weeds and us planting some rye grass and oat seeds for a food plot.  Then we put out deer treats so maybe if we spend enough money he will get one.  The above pictures are of my neighbors dogs out by our land.  I know what you are all thinking, that the beagle looks just like MoMo and yes he does,  The scouts named him Buddy back in April and now I guess he has a basset hound that my son named "Los Hombre" which he tells me means the friend.  These are the best two dongs on the planet, they wanted to play with our dogs (our dogs are not so friendly) and they hung out with us all night and followed us all over.  One time back in May we were out on the ranch and I had this deer come running at me and then turned and Buddy was right after him chasing him all over the place.  Can a dog be used to hunt deer?  I really have to figure out this hunting thing.  My son went out to shoot dove the other day and came back with a squirrel? 

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