Monday, September 24, 2012

Ouch my Butt.

 Saturday the whole family went for a bike ride.  We did the "Autumn in Bonham" bike rally and all three of us did the 65 mile course.  I need to figure out a way to carry a camera on bike rides.  I always have my cell phone on me but it is sealed in a zip lock bag and tucked away in my emergency belt thing and is impossible to get into while riding.
 The ride was alot of fun and had nice rolling hills, good rest stops, and great people along the course.  Above you can see a picture of my bike seat.  Now if you are not familiar with bikes and their seats, mine is of the larger and wider side.  These kind of seats are considered the basic seat for someone who has no callus on their bums and need the cush on their toosh.  I could move to a more aggressive seat but for now it feels great.  I really like the shape of how the front part I can use for aggressive pedaling, then the rear part I can use to crank it up hills in the sitting position then when I get tired the middle section has a nice dip in it so to give me a relaxing spot during the long boring parts of a ride.  Put the three parts together and I have a great multi-position seat.
Back in 04 or so a friend of ours gave me a seat he had that was what he considered as old (like two seasons) and had no use for it any longer so he gave it to me.  This was a very expensive seat in its day and probably should still be considered expensive now.  This seat though is an extremely aggressive seat that I call "The Battle Axe" because it feels like you are sitting on an axe after about two hours on it.  My son loves this seat because it is Italian and done up in all sorts of cool stuff.  The thing is on a 65 mile bike ride his bum was worn out in about two hours for several reasons.  First was he trained a bit too much during the week, then he was having an allergy cold, and last it is a freakin axe between your legs.  So the nice father that I am switched seats for the rest of the ride and my son completed his first 65 (technically it was like 64.7 miles but who is counting) and lived to see another day.  I was real proud of him for pushing through the pain of his back, butt, and cold to see it through and I was walking afterwards like I wiped my but with a cactus.  Man that seat is a killer.


  1. "walking like I wiped my butt with a cactus..."
    yeah... first few weeks I started riding consistently way back when I couldn't sit on hard surfaces for awhile.
    your butt eventually gets "used" to the torture. :)
    all in all, AWESOME JOB!! 65miles is no easy feat!

  2. Now stop teasing Scully with your bike riding stories. You know she is supposed to be taking it easy right now. LOL. I had to read this post just based off the title. Ouch, my butt. Hilarious!

    FYI, I have a new blog address and title: