Friday, September 7, 2012

Windows 8 phone

 This has been a pretty exciting week for people like me who adopt the smallest, fringiest, and remotest technologies.  I have told you all about how freakin awesome the windows phones are and this week Nokia released their new phones running on the windows 8 platform thing.  Something like dual core this and gigahertz thingy that with bells and whistles galore.  All I want to know is can it do the same stuff just better than my phone?  The Zune player is the greatest invention on planet earth.
 The first phone on the windows 8 platform was released by Samsung but it was a European model so I am not sure how to convert everything from euro this to dollar that or even centimeter those to inches of these thing-a-ma-bobs.  I did read that Samsung took  like physical architecture into the feel of their phone and it like has the right bezel to not get smudged and the buttons have textures and elevations to be able to find them while not looking.

With all these patent lawsuits and every smart phone looking and doing the same stuff got me thinking.  The handset makers should do each phone for a different use.  Currently the all look like shiny black bricks and sound and look the same but what if they made one for film and photography and it had some sort of awesome 300 giga-things to take pictures and it also had manual zooms and things.  Then they make another one for people like me who want great sound like my current phone the HTC surround with its first and only phone to have surround sound speakers built into it.  Then they could make one small for people who like their phone to fit in their pocket and another phone for outdoor use that was like from the factory water resistant and had the rubber band thing made into the phone say like those Panasonic smartbook laptops do.  In the end is any of this stuff important to them, no they just make more black bricks with nothing to stand out from the next black brick cell phone.  Last I noticed that the screens are getting to the size of some peoples home TVs it looks like.  Don't get me wrong, seeing my screen is important but when do we call it quits on making cell phones bigger again?  Who knows maybe these new fancy phones will come out and be on sale and I can get one earlier than my usual wait for them to go down in price and on sale.
last weekend I spent my first night in the new High Peak Sirius 50 degree sleeping bag that I picked two up for 20 bucks with 5 dollar shipping.  These are actually quite nice sleeping bags with only the side girth as an issue so far.  The diameter of these bags are on the smaller side so they do the mummy thing to you but so far I have been extremely happy and can't wait to spend more nights getting cozy in this bag till the winter season hits.

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