Thursday, September 20, 2012

Am I getting too old?

 My friend Don and I were running this nice trail in Plano and we were talking about all the things along the trail that he had names for, there is a power station thing and he told me that he called it something and I told him how I called it the cancer station.  Then he told me how the power lines that run along the trail cause interference with his meter and so it made him think of how even though he is outdoors running it is still underneath these cancer emitting lines.
 I am sure most of you have heard about Plano, TX and how it is like this innovate city and stuff but one thing they did do really good was their ability to make something useful out of unoccupiable land.  Say these high voltage power lines, you can't put buildings under them so the city made these sweet wide trails for bikers, walkers, weirdo's, freaks, and others to enjoy.  Don and I tried to figure out how long you can travel on just trails in Plano without having to follow a road and with minimal street crossings we came up with about 30 miles of continuous trails but, if you did some fancy neighborhood usage and a couple of major street crossings you add another 40 or so miles easily.  Then they sprinkled in baseball fields, dog parks, Frisbee golf courses and all sorts of things for everyone to come out and enjoy.
I stole this picture from Nikki's twitter page  @Celiabetes because I not only LOL'd once but I LOL'd twice it was so funny.  The thing is we all probably know at least three people off the top of our heads that are like this.

How am I getting too old you ask?  I was in my truck a while back listening to the radio.  Usually I have the radio on some solid AM talk radio due to Dallas has the worst music stations on the planet.  The radio was playing this song and I was really into it and started to sing along saying: "Hot Sauce to the Moon" and my son looks over at me like I am from another planet and proceeds to tell me that he was not sure of the words to the song but he knew I was a million miles away from whatever they were saying in the song.  So I did a little research so I could download the song on my Zune Player (Microsoft phones are the bomb!) and found out it was by Chevelle and of course my son was right because he was not saying: "Hot Sauce to the Moon" but instead was saying: "Hats off to the Bull."  Now, I feel like my father felt when I was in the backyard one day playing my new Aerosmith "Pump" cassette while chopping up tree limbs.  He was so lost listening to them, now I am not lost listening to today's music, I just need an urban dictionary to understand the words.

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