Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Last weekend was the Frosty 5k.  I was planning on a 29 minute run and well I think that is what I did.  Do you notice everyone in our group wearing their numbers besides me?  That is because my number and my timing chip was sitting on my kitchen counter while I was at the race.  We had lots of fun and afterward the brisket breakfast tacos were excellent along with the Community Coffee from Rudy's.  This has inspired me to participate in more "organized" runs.  Then just when I have this vision quest to do more, a friend hits me up to do the Stone Bridge half in February.  Now that is going to stress me out all winter to run in the dark, snow, cold, and other stuff.   Or is it going to motivate me to stay healthy and train in this season?  Is there some secret force working in this world working against me or what?  A little FYI for you, the gentleman standing next to me wearing the shorts and Adidas stocking cap and shirt is Jeremy Wariners brother.  Yes the gold medal Olympic sprinter.  Just let me tell they are not both gold medalists.  He finished around the 28 minute point. 

I am probably late to this party but a friend of mine pointed out this remake of the LMFAO's song "Sexy and I know it" on YouTube.  This is "Santa and I know it"  The part that cracks me up most is when he says: "My doctor told me I have diabetes.  That's what happens when you eat a hundred billion cookies."  Now that is funny, even if you are not diabetic.  Just to warn you this is a little risky of a song and video.  Nothing bad just lots of sexual innuendo's. 

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