Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday party

 My wife's birthday was December 13th but she was extremely sick with a cold.  She did not want to go out for dinner, nor did she feel up for any fun and games.  That is why I steered clear and installed the dishwasher on her birthday.  I told her that we would celebrate her birthday properly this weekend once she felt better.
 Brenda was pretty bummed that we did not do anything in celebration for her birthday (I told her that installing the dishwasher was pretty special but she did not think so).  I did mention to her that we were going to celebrate her birthday this Saturday after she had her basketball game and was feeling better (she completely forgot about that conversation with me).  The first thing we did was get an assortment of six cupcakes from Annie's Bakery in Murphy, TX.  To personalize the cupcakes Annie printed an edible picture of "Pete" the chicken with caption above it saying "Happy Birthday Mom" (this was Zaines way of contributing to the celebration).
  If you can't really see the pictures above of "Pete" on the cupcake, above is a picture of Zaine trying to get "Pete" to act like a parrot and sit on his shoulder.  We have now put a golf ball in "Pete's" bedding to try and get her to start laying eggs.  She has two options, either lay eggs or become fried chicken in the spring.

So what do you get your wife who is bummed for three days because of a horrible cold and that she did not have a special birthday?  A NEW CARYes folks you heard me right, after my wife drove her Subaru Baja from mile 23 to mile 170,234 and from August 2003 till December 2011, she has upgraded and downsized from a midsize all wheel drive SUC (sports utility car) to a 2008 Mini Cooper S.
I have been working for the past six months trying to find the right car at the right price for my wife.  First there was the A3 but negotiations broke down and the dealership sold it.  Then there was the Mini Cooper S above that we started negotiating on before Thanksgiving and I had to walk away from the first time because we could not meet at the right price.  Then came the worst part which was trying to work with the Fiat dealership.  They offered such a low ball on my wife's car that I could sell the car just as metal to a scrap yard for more money than they offered to buy it for.  They even were bragging to me on how cheap they buy trade-in's and told me the price they paid for most of the cars on their used lot.  Then it was back to the Mini Cooper S and the dealership finally agreed with me and we are both happy.  My wife loves her new (new to her) car and the dealership has it off of their lot after almost four months.  .

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  1. Good choice on the Mini. I think that's going to be my next car too, they're just too cute!