Friday, December 9, 2011

Late Night Low

 I think at some point every diabetic gets relaxed and comfortable with their diabetes.  I certainly do this well too often.  Last night I worked late on some recon items and left the office around 6:30pm or so.  When I arrived at home my usual routine went into focus on making sure Zaine (my son) has fed the dogs, his homework has been completed, and do some basic cleaning of the house and catching up with the news.
 During all of this stuff going on last night I also wanted to spend some time working on my classes I am teaching on Jan 7th on "outdoor cooking A to Z" and "Dutch Oven Cooking."  Since it is one month away there are some items I need to review and get my lesson plan together.
Around 11:00pm or so I decided it was time for bed.  If you look at my diabetes notebook for the date of 12-08-11 you see that the only thing I ate after 4:00pm was a root beer and a snicker bar.  Then came 3:00am in the morning and my mind was running on full, making lists of things to do and then it hit me,  I am probably low.  In the pictures you see that I was 52 at 3:12am and after 24 oz's of apple sauce and 6 oz's of orange drink I went back to bed.  Why does it feel like a Mac truck drove over you in the morning after a low?

How does anyone forget to eat dinner?  It just goes for show that I need to bring up with my dietitian the discussion on getting a CGM (continuous glucose monitor).  This topic has been avoided by myself due to the addition of another device to keep track of. Also having another needle duct taped to my body does not excite me.  Having a pump for over 10 years now I am used to it, but to add another item to stick to my body seems way too crowded.  Just thinking of the new camping issues makes my head spin.  Then there is the issue of paying for more diabetes crap.  If I were just worked harder on my diet and carb counting a CGM is not necessary.  Oh well I think the answer is to get the CGM and bite the bullet.

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