Thursday, December 8, 2011

Random winter wants

I am truly a kid at heart and I see all these youth running around in these crochet animal head hats.  Am I too old for one?  The Panda winter hat is on my list of "wants" this Christmas.  My wife has said she can make me one but there are different looks and maybe an owl head would fit me better.  When I was in grade school my mother bought me a knit hat that had a fake pair of goggles on the part you fold up.  Everyone in grade school loved that hat and so did I.  That hat was worn from kindergarten until probably fifth or sixth grade.  I thought I lost it years ago, then one day at my sisters house and she pulled it out of a drawer.  Why does my sister keeps all my memories from me (just kidding)?
As a child my mother would frequent the thrift bakery shop.  This place was a carb lovers dream come true.  They had mini donuts, fried pies, and every bread on the planet.  I drive by a "Mrs. Baird's" thrift bread store on my way to and from work each day.  This store closes at 6pm and usually I either have something to get to or I work too late and the store is closed.  The other day I had a chance to stop in and look around.  These stores should have a diabetic alarm on them.  I picked up as you can see in the picture above 2 packages of eight cinnamon rolls, a pound of powder donut gems, and a pound of chocolate donut gems all for four dollars and fifty cents.  That is like the deal of the century.  They sell fried pies for seventy five cents.  I used to love fried pies.  Maybe these are some of the reasons I became diabetic?  They don't have any loaves of bread over two dollars and fifty cents.  Most bread at the grocery store runs three bucks or more.  I am going to have to add this store to my regular stops.

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