Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have a seat.

 My wife, the middle school coach and science teacher has a best friend at her school and it is the art teacher.  She hangs out with her any chance she can (my wife is also in love with art) and the two of them search the Pinterest website looking for art projects.
 The good thing about my wife is that she realizes that Michael's is a very expensive store.  The bad thing is she can still find projects out of free material.  I have a garage full of flattened card board boxes just waiting for her to glue together and make furniture.
 Some of these art projects are fun and Zaine and I get to participate in (kind of like the whole family working together).  What you see in these pictures is the art of repurposing old pallets.  If you remember we took old pallets and made "Pete's" chicken coup earlier this month.  Now we (Zaine and I) are to make an outdoor lounge area out of these pallets.
Above is our first attempt at making a bench.  We took a pallet and cut it into thirds.  The first third is the seat, the second third is the back and well the last part is just in the yard.  Then we took a pressure treated two by four and made legs.  I did not want simple legs and my wife wanted me to use a four by four post so we compromised and we did a little jig saw, cowboy, eagle claw, style legs.  Looks almost safe enough to sit on.  Next will be the coffee table.  My wife wants to take an entire pallet and screw boards under the top boards and fill in the gap with concrete and broken glass.  This sounds even more safe than the rusty nail bench.

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