Friday, December 2, 2011


I have convinced the people at Mountainsmith that they need to start marketing their product towards diabetics.  This is because they make the best bag I have ever used and also the highest quality I have ever seen.  If you are anything like me and when you get that new meter you first throw the cheap carrying case in the trash and find a way to fit the meter into your current carrying case.  Then look at the products at  They have camera bags that look great for meters and also their lumbar series (they gave me a day classic to review) is great as a diabetic bag for all your snacks, meters, pump supplies, batteries, tape, ID's, and junk we all love to throw into it.  The part I loved most about the Mountainsmith bag I reviewed is that it was rugged and tough with a boy look and feel to it or an "outdoorsy" person setup.  I once was at a diabetic convention and felt so bad for this 13 year old boy with diabetes that had to cary this tote that was pretty girlie and he knew it.  I could tell his mother gave it to him and you could see in his eyes that he hated it.  Seeing that poor boy and having been there myself (mom you gave me some girly things OK) I know that having something look rugged and cool helps ease the pain of diabetes.  The boy saw my Eagle Creek day pack I used as my diabetes gear bag and he looked at me like I was some sort of wilderness diabetic adventurer fresh from the jungle (that bag is now dead with holes and tears in the bottom).  No one should feel ashamed of this disease or the gear we tote to treat this disease.  I said earlier this week that one of my goals for 2012 (well, and starting now) is to find the best products for diabetics to use in the wilderness.  Mountainsmith bags are my first must have in this search.

For the month of December is giving diabetics 20% off their purchase at checkout with the code: TDC20. Get it, The Diabetic Camper 20%.  Kind of neat they did that for me.  Now if I can convince them to get with Frio and make some sort of ultimate diabetes line.  That would rock!

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  1. I just checked out the MountainSmith camera bags - thanks for the link!