Friday, December 16, 2011

Dia-banksy is back!

 My son is a Sophomore at Wylie High School and takes welding technology class.  He is not very driven in the usual subjects in school like math, English language arts, science, or history.  The one thing my son loves is his elective classes.  Those classes are welding and agriculture.
 For Christmas my son has been working on making me a charcoal grill that has a grate top on it so I can use a griddle standing up.  He has been working on this for the past two weeks.  The only thing is that the charcoal grill will not be ready by Christmas so he decided to make me another gift.
In these pictures you see an insulin syringe hot iron brand.  Yes, the type of brand you would put on your cattle, horses, goats and maybe "Pete" the chicken (just kidding about branding Pete).  You may remember my post over the summer about how I watched the documentary "Exit through the gift shop" with my mother.  Then after watching the documentary my brother and I cleaned out her garage and I made an insulin syringe stencil out of some cardboard.  My son took that picture and turned it into a hot iron brand.  How cool is that!  Now I am for sure going to be Dia-Banksy and have to start tagging things.  Using his resources another student in advanced wood shop class is going to make a wood handle for the brand.  Just wait till I have a heard of cattle with insulin syringe brands on them!  We joked about testing the brand on my forearm first so that first responders would know I am weird, I mean they would know I am diabetic.

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