Friday, December 23, 2011

The Endangered Diabetic

 My wife says I love to take pictures of myself?  Who am I to disagree from looking at the pictures on my blog.  I must be the happiest diabetic on the planet.  Yes, my wife made me a custom winter panda hat.  It fits perfectly over my satellite ears and is warm as can be.
 We were looking everywhere to buy one and none of them had the widows peak and most had the eyeballs on the top.  The hats with the eyeballs look like someone just shot a panda and put it on their head.  I was looking for one that incorporated me as part of the panda, kind of like an endangered diabetic panda.
Yes, I am the goofiest diabetic on the planet but, I now feel like a teenager and also have warm ears.  Since today is Friday and I probably will not be posting on my blog until after Christmas, I must say Merry Christmas to all of you diabetics out there.  If you find a way to bolus for grazing on food all day please let me know.  We have a Greenburg turkey in the fridge (this is the one Oprah Winfrey used to give as holiday gifts and they are from Tyler, TX) and a honey baked ham in the freezer.  Today at 2PM I will go out and start my Christmas shopping.  My wife says I procrastinate alot as well.  She knows me like the back of her hand.

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  1. this is wicked! you look so cute in your little homemade panda hat! kudos to your wife for making your endangered diabetic dreams come true. :)
    I love this!