Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Class Prep

I am teaching some camping classes on January 7th.  So to do some prep work I have been busy making all sort of Dutch oven meals.
while I have been making these wonderful meals I have learned something about how to motivate my son.  If I asked him to go in the kitchen and cook us dinner he would complain and procrastinate.  Now when I tell him to go in the backyard and get 40 briquettes going and when you are done with that cook up this ground turkey and add in these other items.  He gets all sorts of excited to do these things.  The difference is one is used and thought of as a chore and the other is an adventure with fire and food.
Not only am I preparing for these classes but also we are coming up with ideas to help us do more duth oven cooking in our back yard.  Notice in the pictures my Dutch oven cooking site is made of bricks covered in foil.  We now have an idea to make something like a bar but instead it can be for Dutch oven cooking so we don't have to cook on the concrete floor.
Since I am diabetic (hence the name The Diabetic Camper) and the first thing everyone thinks of when you pull out the old Dutch oven is cobler.  I am working on  making healthier meals but with that same old flavor we all know and love when camping.  That is the taste of home cooking.
The meal in the attached pictures is a modified cowboy cornbread made with lean ground turkey, onion, bell pepper, black beans, corn, rotels tomatoes, tomato sauce (small can), a layer of cheese on top then one package of corn bread mix poured on top.  This gets about 40 carba per serving and also fills you up nicely.  Oh I also used one pound of turkey and when cooking it in the Dutch oven I added taco seasoning.

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