Monday, October 29, 2012

What a dissapointment

 The nose job worked and now I am camping as much as I can.   With this new attitude and I have some plans to get my ranch ready for the winter.  The first thing on the list is to mow my weeds down and plant some winter rye grass.  I had horses two years ago and we had an interesting summer that year where we had a severe drought and my grass was taken to nothing.  The the past summer I was a little relaxed on the maintenance and weeds took over the back pasture area.  So I rented out something called a "billy goat" which is basically a large mower that is on two wheels and pivots like a pendulum thingie.  The front slides on bars and if the front hits something the whole thing just tips back.  This is not meant to do a pretty job of mowing but to chop down unwanted weeds.
The above picture is of us out shooting guns on Sunday evening and behind the everyone you can see my tall weeds in the background in the back pasture.  The Billy Goat was going to be such an awesome thing to help me get ready for the winter and be ready for the coming spring but after just four short passes the Billy Goat decided to stop cutting and I was dead in the water.  Now this did get me down since I planned to mow, and mow, and mow all weekend while the boys bow hunted for dear (they saw some just didn't shoot any).  Being a diabetic that I am and used to huge let downs in  life I got over this issue and worked on other projects around the land and had a good time.  The lesson here is even though life will almost always let you down with diabetes you need to look at the small victories we have everyday.  We shot guns, the boys worked on a deer blind thingie in a tree (more like a tree house), and I had a good weekend at the land being the diabetic camper that I am.  I also contacted the rental place as soon as I knew the Billy Goat was not going to work and let them know.  They were happy I contacted them and were willing to work it out with me.  Now they are getting a newer Billy Goat from another store by next weekend so I can try this all over again.

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