Friday, October 5, 2012

The bionic-diabetic in the woods

 This is my first weekend camping with my new Animas pingy pump and also a CDM (continuous Dave monitor).  I have had every issue on the planet with electronics and the wilderness but this is a new realm for me.  So far in like three weeks I love this CDM thingy and love to show everyone at work my roller coaster, flat-line, or rolling hills of my blood sugars.
 Now the CDM is absolutely quality so far and the glue they put on the sensor is out of this world, I think it is better than duct tape.  My first sensor lasted 15 days without even really trying to get it to last that long.  The one downside to this Dexcom system is their holster/clip thing.  I am a batman type of diabetic where I put all sorts of crap on my belt and now the CDM  goes there as well, just that the case Dexcom gives you is cheaper than dirt and in the three or so weeks the clip is already starting to look bad and wiggle.  I am worried that one day CDM will just fall off into nowhere and I will be left with nothing monitoring the inside of me like CDM does.
The zipper broke on day 5 and I have had several zippers brake on me in the past so I got it to work but it is nothing to feel safe about while being in the woods.  You can see in the photo above how the teeth just don't want to be together.  I am going to call Dexcom next week and see what I can do to get another clip (under warranty of course) but this makes me feel like camping is now at a new level of expensive diabetes crap to break.  I will let you know how it goes, wish CDM the best of luck!

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  1. Are you going to do the free upgrade to the new Dexcom G4 model that came out last week? I read that if you got your Dexcom Seven in Sept or October of this year, they will upgrade for free. The rest of us suckas have to go thru insurance to get one or pay ca$h. You should call Dexcom to find out if ur eligible!