Monday, October 8, 2012

What does wind do to diabetes?

This weekend we were out camping at beautiful lake Texoma (yes, you guessed right it is on the Oklahoma and Texas border) where we had a campsite right on the water.  This would have been the perfect spot one weekend ago but instead that northern cold front had made its way to us and we had a solid 20mph wind on us the entire weekend.  Wind is something your diabetes educator, endo, or anyone besides myself will not discuss because lets face it how often are you just hanging outside in the wind but for athletes and campers.  We need to consult our diabetes almanac when it comes to breezy days.  The temperature for the weekend was also lower than normal, something like a solid 60 degrees average temp and add that to the wind I personally get low BG's constantly.  I was low so often my CDM (continuous Dave monitor) for several three hour periods would not go above 90, even as I was drowning myself in every sort of glucose pill, gummy worm, or sandwich there was little to combat the environment.  So this reminded me about how much energy our bodies use to keep ourselves normal in windy days.  Look at what it is trying to do with the heat loss, the moisture evaporation, and trying not to get sick.  Your body is in overtime burning sugars on its own much less me with my pump putting more insulin on top.  In the end we had a great weekend and I had a good reminder course on odd weather that makes your diabetes just that much more fun.

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