Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 This months "Backpacker" magazine is all about surviving, OK except for the over the top amazing trips that would cost you and me a years salary to do but mostly it is about surviving.  Now being a diabetic that we all are, our lives are permanently in survival mode.  Look, we carry extra batteries, supplies, food, and all sorts of weird crap just to drive to the store much less take a short trip anywhere.  I must tell you that for me getting a 10 dollar subscription to "Backpacker" magazine was about 10 dollars thrown down the drain.  I just freakin want their annual gear issue and pretty much the rest is junk.  Face it if you live in the middle of America below the mason-Dixon line you are not going to be able to drive to much of any of the places they feature in this magazine.  Since I am the diabetic camper though I thought to spend 10 dollars wisely so I could let the rest of you know to not get this subscription.
 OK so less ranting and more good, the magazine is doing a good job by focusing on more "every day" issues that are covered in this issue.  My son was reading it the other day and found out you can use a feminine napkin to purify water.  How many of you knew that (OK, or would even try it in the first place)?  Hopefully this is a sign that the magazine needs to look more into the every day lifestyle of a backpacker and less of a "hey lets take a month and backpack Nepal" or something.  I want to see these pros in more every man's clothes and not wearing 120 dollar under wear or 500 dollar boots with 200 dollar virgin wool socks that were made for that exact trail they are hiking.  This issue did a great job on talking about what to do if you are out and trip on a rock and are not able to walk back to camp or when animals attack.  Now I do need to go back and read how my diabetes socks are going to save my life, that article sounds delish!
 I like the setup in the picture above, like any common sense human is going to fall of a cliff like that but it gets your attention and the article goes into neat ways to survive gravity issues.  That reminds me of the joke about something like someone is vertically challenged or something?
Here is the quote of a lifetime, "Gravity wants you dead" and how true that is.  Just look at how it ruins our bodies from birth with all the falling we do as children to things in the sky trying to come down on us.  I think if I had to put one piece of known but un-thought knowledge into this world is this quote.  The more you obey gravity the better in life you will be, and also keeping your diabetes sugars between the lines.

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