Monday, November 5, 2012

earthen burm

 So working land is fun, and owning land is even more fun.  Maybe because my land is not in a city so I only have county rules to work with.  Two weekends ago I told you about how the rented out billy goat did not work so my buddy Paul came up with something else for us to work on.  You can see in the picture above how my land has a slight downward grade.  There is a giant hill on the front of the property and the back opens up to fields with loplolly pines behind that and then onto some good old elm trees.  You see how I grow like no grass from the cabin on down and what I need to do is create things to lessen the fall so the top soil will stop washing away.  Next to the tree you can barely see is a tree we cut down and started to create a natural burm to collect the top soil and level out the hill (or mountain as I like to call it).
Here is a better view of the tree we are using to create an earthen burm to create a natural stop to the loss of top soil and maybe in a few years I can grow grass in front of the cabin. 

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