Friday, October 19, 2012

Good Customer Service

 So three days into owning my new CDM (continuous Dave monitor) the zipper broke on the holster thing, and the clip started to act funny.  No worries, I just called up old Dexcom where they were completely OK with shipping me what they had in stock.  I was worried when I started my CDM (continuous Dave monitor) because the accessories for the unit were slim to none, and slim just left town.
 I guess last weeks announcement of the new and improved Dexcom thing is the reason there are no accessories.  I asked the person on the other end of the phone how long they would be servicing the unit I had and she let me know for a few years but not for long.  Back to my holster case issue, the one they sent me was a neoprene "sport" model which meant that I guess you can sport it up with this case instead of the other case.  After using on a run a couple of times now I must say the non-sport model was much more sport prone than the neoprene sport model.  The top picture you can see the clip, which I love crap on my belt, maybe I want to be diabatman or something but if I have to have it on me I want it on my belt and I now wear a running money belt type thing that I found is use full to clip the CDM (continuous Dave monitor) to and this new unit has a clip and also a loop that keeps it from falling off.  Now the new cover is more snug and looks alot less 80's but the old leather case I am finding out is probably the better of the two but not by much.
 Here is the old unit which had a smaller window to see the CDM (continuous Dave monitor) through and you can see even in this picture how the zipper looks a bit off.
 The back of the leather case had this cool two part system that I could clip the CDM (continuous Dave monitor) to then the flap part would fold over the belt the other way and snap shut so to not allow the CDM (continuous Dave monitor) to fall off.  There is one huge thing I am going to have to fix on the new "sport" model that was also an issue with the leather one but not as bad and that is the stupid freakin zipper on it.  The zipper on the thing rattles around as you walk and sounds kind of like a muffled bells on a cats collar.  The first time I had the "sport" model on I thought our air conditioner was broke and walked around the house for half an hour trying to figure out what this metal clinging noise was till I discovered it was my CDM (continuous Dave monitor).  I am thinking of cutting off the metal pull and just replacing it with a string.
 At work we have this Halloween tradition of "booing" someone.  This is where you go to someones cube and decorate it for Halloween and leave them some gifts.  Thursday I was "booed" and I got this lovely argyle sock/skull and cross bone bag on my desk.
I opened the bag and it was full of all sorts of candy and treats.  Now don't get me wrong I have been chowing down on these things and enjoying every last fun size but, this is why I call Halloween the start of the diabetes depression season.  It starts with Halloween candy on the first of October and ends the weekend after the first of January.  The middle is filled with Thanksgiving glutton eating, then your Christmas eating out all the time and getting pies and cookies, then on New Years eve you finish it off with parties of random finger foods you couldn't possibly figure out the carb count if you had a degree in finger food carb counting and wild egg nog and frothy sweet drinks.  Then people tell me I am a "Grinch" during the holidays, which I am not.  The fact is having had several good years in this season and alot of bad years I have to be self aware, focused on the A1C prize in January, and dedicated to keeping ten fingers and ten toes by my 50th birthday or more.  More birthday's with 10 fingers and 10 toes, not more fingers and toes on my 50th birthday, like some sort of nuclear waste accident or something.  So happy holidays diabetics and may each and everyone of you have an A1C below eleven-teen or something come January.

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