Monday, October 15, 2012

Diabetes Hording part 1

 This weekend was horrible for me and diabetes.  I had all sorts of plans come and go, then I came down with a nasty cold that put the old blood sugars on a fun roller coaster.  If I wasn't 300 I was 40 and there was nothing in between.  So when I had a few moments of energy I decided to try and clean out my closet.  Now just think about this, my closet is almost the size of a bedroom.  Our house is a three bedroom but it is supposed to be a four bedroom and when you choose the three bedroom option they give you 90% of the fourth bedroom as a walk in closet.   So I keep all my random diabetes crap in this room and after Sunday I realized how much diabetes hording I do.  From the picture above is of a Minimed 507c pump, yeah I said Minimed not Medtronic, I received this pump before the buy out and have been holding onto the box ever since.
 Just to show you how old this pump box is, they gave me a VHS cassette instruction manual.  When was the last time any of us had a VHS cassette?  OK, I know we are all holding onto our old home movies but an instruction video on VHS.
 Then the PC connection cable looked like something you plug into your printer port onto the back of your PC.  I never even took it out of the package.  I must say though the best pump I have had so far was my MiniMed 507c.  That sucker was indestructible and never stopped working.
 The next pump box of forever and a day ago was my Animas IR1200 box.  Now I was wearing this pump up to about a month ago but still this is hording if you keep the box six years after it is out of warranty.  What good is the box if the pump is out of warranty?
At least the IR1200 came with a CD-ROM disk as an instruction manual.  Now I do have an Omnipod pump with the box that I plan to see if someone needs it, like they broke their PDM or something.  The PDM costs like 500 bucks and if someone can use mine then that makes the little diabetes Dave inside me feel better.  Now just for me to find someone who can use it.  Then I have the box from my latest pump, the Animas Ping.  The Ping is kind of cool since they have not changed anything on the pump in a solid 10 years from my old IR1200.  Just a different screen and a meter that communicates with the pump.  Tomorrow I will show you the other side of my diabetes hording.  Let me know if you have an issue with old diabetes crap you hoard.


  1. A VHS tape!? Wow! Haha!

    Seriously though, I think that many of us are hoarders. I personally live in fear that something will happen which cuts me off from my supply of medicine or strips or supplies, etc. It's a fear that encourages hoarding.

    1. I agree with Scott with regards to the fear of not being able to access supplies, whether it be from a natural disaster or loss of insurance. I don't mind having a large stock of test strips, insulin and lancets, but the my hording and hanging on to all of my glucose meters since diagnosis is getting a bit ridiculous. My insurance doesn't even cover test strips for 99% of them.