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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

philosophical questions answered by the DC!

 My friend Amrie was harassing me during Ragnar SoCal that I had a mobile hot spot.  Now she wasn't upset that I let her use it to upload documents about our journey or anything while on the trip.  She was more shocked that the Diabetic Camper would bring this type of technology on our gypsy road trip.
This shock from Amrie reminded me about how people sometimes don't read the tea leaves right and assume things and her assumption was that I am a master camper that I would shun these types of fancy devices whenever possible to get back to nature and closer to my diabetes or something.  The fact is to be a "camper" is more of a mind set which is to go into a place where you have little to nothing and to either efficiently bring it with you (backpack things in, car camping, or gypsy road van) or use what is around you (make a fire to cook, water from a creek to drink from, and a tree to rest your back on while you drop a poop in a whole beneath).  See I evaluated how I did at Ragnar DelSol and realized certain things that I did not need to bring and certain things I could bring to make life easier as a diabetic gypsy.  Above you can see my worn out neck pillow, my wifi hot spot to connect my inter-web devices, laptop computer to watch the Walking Dead, android tablet for inter-web radio, and my diabetes man bag thingy.  So my "camping" brain told me that urban camping was to make my own inter-web for all the down time we had.
Above you can see another thing I realized I needed at Ragnar DelSol which was a power strip to charge everything before we left in the morning to live in the van for 30 some odd hours.  So camping is more of a state of mind which says "how can I do this comfortably with a minimum of equipment" and one thing I know for sure I need to do for next Ragnar is bring more CGM sensors (I had a fresh one on and only one replacement at the beginning and they were used up before Friday at noon), bring less candy and snacks, and to have a better power inverter for the van.  The power inverter I tried to use in the van was too low that the power strip gave up after like 12 hours.  That is the reason for camping, getting outdoors, and being all wilderness and stuff.  It gives you a sense of how to survive or make life better so maybe at next Ragnar I will be in a silly costume the entire time but living life to the fullest while someone is uploading it to facebook or something with my hot spot.

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