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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Wednesday

 I had a bunch of small items I wanted to post about but did not feel they were all worthy by themselves so today is a pot of random-ness items.  So last weekend when I showed up at my mothers house at 10:00pm she greeted me and then tells me "Oh I have a surprise for you in the bathroom" now all of you just now went "gross!" so get your head out of the toilet (pun intended).  That is just the way us Hennesey's talk, I knew exactly that she was not talking about something that was about to be flushed but she had done something to the bathroom.  I went to the bathroom and cracked up laughing when I saw the toilet paper holder she bought.  People ask me if my high quality sense of humor runs in the family and from the picture above you know it does.  How funny is that guy, but I am not quite shure why he has the toilet plunger on his head?
 OK, random item number two.  My buddy Jeff whom I have told you all about his constant surfing the inter-web for funny diabetes pictures dug up the one above (I guess it was easy enough to go to and get it but I didn't).  He texted it to me and I laughed, and laughed and laughed.  Then I cried laughed and snort laughed and even some snot laughing.  So funny, "test" strip poker, duck duck juice and my favorite truth or a1c.  Whomever thought of that stuff is an absolute genius in the realm of diabetes comedy.
 Random item number three if you were counting.  The longest going stupid question (yes probably 80% of all questions diabetics get are stupid) but the age old "do you have the bad kind?" question is like a knife in our un-useable pancreas.  So the fact that this puts it perfect and I want to say this to all people from now till the day I am cured or die of a diabetes related multiple gunshot wound death or something.
Then last but not least is random item number four for your happy Wednesday (or whatever day you are reading this, just replace Wednesday with the day of the week it says on your PC) is how yesterday I got a 100 on my BG test!  So happy perfect score to me and hope your diabetes is buckled in for the ride and that it has all hands and feet inside the car.

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