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Thursday, May 2, 2013


 My friend Jeff has a problem, OK so it is not really a "problem" as it is more of an obsession of his.  He loves the way Wilford Brimley says: Diabeetus.  Kind of like you put the words die-a-beat-us together and create a super disease even stronger than diabetes or something.  What Jeff does now is search the inter-web for pictures of this "Diabeetus" and these pictures are quite good and some are just freakin hilarity.  Then once Jeff finds these he of course sends them to his good buddy Dave (me) so I thought I would put a montage of these together and share them with the rest of the world.
 This first one simply just rocks and not sure why the ADA or JDRF or anybody hasn't taken this one and used it as a national campaign.  I like it and if I had the chance to own a poster like this it would definitely go above the fireplace on the mantle.  This is a kind of remake of the uncle same posters from the war.
 Here is more of a modern dos equis take off of the most interesting man in the world commercials.  I like the freakin giant cake in front of him and how he has the rose colored sunglasses on.  Then it really doesn't make any sense it is just funny like "Diabeetus" is a noun or something.
 Now we get into the pg-13 or older ones with a sexual tone to them.  I like his beady eyes and who hasn't used this pick up line in a bar?
This one is the freakin best one ever!  If you can't understand the bottom it says: "Diabeetus" and trust me I am trying to figure out a way to somehow use this in the future, maybe a future team name at a race, maybe getting a t-shirt made like this, or who knows but I simply think it hits the glucagon injection right on the syringe with what "Diabeetus" is all about.  What is that people tell diabetics all the time: you don't look sick? 

If any of this offends you in any way please email me your address to: and I will hand write you an apology letter for what I have done to you.  If you need medical assistance because these subjects of poor diabetes jokes drives you into some sort of diabetes shock please include that in your email and I will include in the hand written apology letter a discount code for good for your next purchase of all natural glucose tablets.  My sincerest apologies and understand I only mean to offend those with diabetes, or that have relatives with diabetes, and people that know how to properly spell diabetes.

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