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Friday, May 3, 2013

When nature observes us!

 I have been getting this feeling lately that nature is watching me.  The reason for this is "feeling" has been a chain of coincidences that started with this cardinal you see in the picture above, he sits in my crape myrtle and attacks my window all day and night.  I tried to get an action video of him pecking at the window but every time I get near the window he just sits in the tree.  His girlfriend even came to watch him the other day just peck, peck, peck at my window.
 The next thing was a ring necked dove decided to nest in my front porch hanging flower pot.  She was there so long she laid an egg.  Now this has to be the same freakin dove that does this to me every year, but now it coincides with all this other odd nature.
 The first time I come out the front door when this dove is leaving her unborn children for me to deal with is a moment of much hilarity every year.  I will open the door and this basket is a tad higher than eye level and that bird is sitting there watching me and I just rush out and she takes off the same time I walk and it turns into a "when doves attach diabetics" episodes.  Her wings are flapping, my arms are flapping, and we both are doing everything we can to get away from each other.  The whole thing lasts about one minute and if anyone ever saw it I am sure they would pee themselves from laughter by witnessing this odd moment of panic.
The last item happened as I was going out to my truck the other day and this rabbit was just sitting by my drivers side door.  Now, yes I have rabbits all over the place (except the backyard, the dogs keep that area free of rabbits), but never had one just sat by my drivers door of my truck and as I got closer and closer he just sat there and I was so close at the end that I was shooing him with my foot just to get him to move.

All these things could easily be explained that it is spring and birds go crazy, birds lay eggs in weird places, and rabbits eat your lawn and get fat and slow.  I just think it is more than that or maybe not.   Just it was fun to keep having all this happen to me, one after another like I was in the fish bowl and they were tapping the glass.

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