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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bicycling Magazine

 I finally feel like a real cyclist, my first "Bicycling" magazine came in the mail.  Now I can read all about how to not get hit by a truck, and other pertinent things that have been on my mind.  The cover of this magazine sucked me in right away, how to have more fun?  Who has more fun than me?  The 101 best maintenance tips ever, I am so going to read this and let Jeff know that his tires probably need air in them before we ride.  Not to mention all the discount inter-web places to visit and get gear on the cheap.  I already saw an ad for something my buddy Lew has in his truck, this thing where you can screw your bike into the sides of your truck.
 So now as I was perusing through the pages of my new magazine and I came across the article above which stopped me in my steps.  An article on a professional sugar diabetes cyclist and I knew at that moment that baby Jesus must know I am a diabetic and had them run this article on the first issue I got.  maybe he looked down at me and had a grin and a wink for me.
 Sometimes in life it is the small things that we need to make us feel accepted and trust me my slow cycling speed, looking bad in way too skinny spandex, or my 2003 Fuji red, white, and blue thunder bike does not make me a cyclist.  Actually nothing really makes me a cyclist besides confidence and belief in myself and once I had that then I was a cyclist. 

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